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A charming dining room

Chandeliers are the focal point of the dining room. It serves as a decorative element to enhance the beauty of your fine furnishings. The minimum diameter of the chandelier should be about half the width of your table. Generally, the chandelier should hang 30-36" above the surface of the table. Accent your dining room with sconces, recessed and portables. The addition of dimmer controls will allow you to control the intensity of the light to suit the mood.

The functional kitchen

Kitchen spaces need to have plenty of light. This can be accomplished best by layering light sources. Consider island or peninsula pendants, flush mounted fluorescent or halogen, or recessed for your main sources of light. Also, consider lighting your countertops with xenon, halogen or fluorescent under-cabinets.

A bright bathroom

Powder rooms generally need less light than a main bath so you should consider the mood you would like to create. Smaller vanity lights over the mirror or sconces on each side of the mirror should give you adequate light. Another option is a ceiling fixture or pendants on either side of the mirror. In main baths consider lighting the sides or top of the mirror. In bathrooms with two sinks, consider wiring for two separate fixtures for better light distribution. In larger baths a ceiling fixture may be needed for general lighting. Tub and shower enclosures can be adequately lighted by using an enclosed damp-location recessed can.

A relaxing bedroom

Bedrooms can be lit many different ways depending on the user and functions. In children's rooms a ceiling light may be adequate. In a master bedroom, more drama may be desired, so consider using chandeliers, wall sconces, wall mounted reading lights, portable lamps or recessed. Also, consider ceiling fans for efficient cooling in the summer.

A cozy living room

Due to the many activities that take place in the living room, general lighting is needed as well as task. For reading and general light, provide portable lamps that can be placed near the reading chair. The bottom of the shade should be at eye level to avoid glare. To accent pictures or a fireplace, use recessed or track lights.

An inviting foyer

Lighting your home's entrance well is important to greet guests and assure safe passage. On a regular height ceiling consider a semi-flush for a more elegant look. On a two-story ceiling you will need a sufficiently sized piece to look proportionate. Also, consider placing matching wall sconces on either side of a mirror or picture.

An attractive exterior

Exterior lighting should not only enhance the beauty of your home, but provide security. Wall lanterns on either side of your front door will give your home a welcoming look while assuring safety. Under an overhang you can use recessed, chain-hung, or close to ceiling fixtures rated for outdoor use. Low voltage path lights can brighten your walkways and accent your landscape.

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